Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fall Leaves, In Progress 3

I mounted the two paintings to Ampersand Clayboard. I first covered the sides of the wood cradle to protect it from the medium. Then I dampen the back of watercolor paper and apply a generous layer of soft gel medium to the clayboard. I lay the paper over the clayboard and press out any air bubbles. Because the paper and clay are absorbent, they soak up the medium and form a firm bond. I let the painting dry overnight, face down, keeping something heavy (in this case a brick) on the back.
Once the painting is dry, I remove the the tape around the edges and trim the excess paper using a razor blade. The edges are then sanded until smooth.
Now that the paintings are mounted on the clayboard, I will paint metallic embellishments and then varnish the two paintings.

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