Sunday, December 21, 2008

Public Collection at Stafford Hospital

This week I was given an amazing gift. The two paintings above were chosen to be part of the permanent public collection on display at the new Stafford Hospital Center. This opportunity is particularly personal for me, because this week I have also accepted a new position as a nurse in the hospital. Rare is the occasion when my two worlds meet; my life in art and my life as a nurse. Though one is always present and influences the other. I am thankful for this opportunity to share my art in such a special way and honored to be included with the other wonderful artists chosen from Liberty Town and the Fredericksburg area to exhibit at the hospital.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Ariel, that is terrific! Congratulations on both successes. You deserve them both.

fry said...

wow.. beautiful.. calm and peaceful watercolours.. not surprised that your art work is displayed in a hospital.. they would have a postive effect upon patients and staff.. ;-)