Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunflower on Claybord, in Progress

I have sketched the drawing for my next watercolor. I start with a detailed drawing on paper, where I consider the proportions and details that may be included in the final painting. I like to do the drawing on paper first, so I can work out all the drawing issues (which often means, erasing and redrawing sections) without damaging the surface of the painting paper. I will then transfer the drawing to my painting surface.
I started laying in color wet-into-wet, beginning with the background sections and the face of the flower. Once the painting is finished, you will only see hints of the diffuse underpainting color. When I plan a painting, I like to have a place for the viewer's eyes to rest in the painting, usually that place is a section of underpainting that I leave peeking through.

Next I paint each pedal wet-into-wet developing the form and turn of the pedals. With claybord, using wet-into-wet creates wonderful blossoms as the water dries. As much as you can control water, I try to plan these into the shape.

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