Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Landscape Workshop

This week I had the joy of teaching three winter landscape workshops. In the workshop, I demonstrated how to paint a "mini" frozen lake scene in watercolor in only 2 hours. Above are two of the paintings done in class measuring 4X6. We listened to Christmas music and ate cookies for inspiration. Attendees created some wonderful winter scenes, even a few who had never picked up a paintbrush. One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing how different each student's painting develops; though we may all be painting a similar subject and using the same palette. And often, I will see a new interpretation or method that I have not considered and will try it out for myself. Thank you to all who participated. I learn so much from each of you and greatly enjoy doing the classes. You can find my upcoming class schedule at LibertyTown.

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

I really love the technique for frozen water you've got in those paintings. They're beautiful--also like the looseness of the strokes. Sounds like fun--I should have dropped by!