Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the Line

On the Line
Watercolor on Aquabord, 18x22
On exhibit at Kybecca through August

I often struggle with my apparent lack of cohesion among various painting. I have quite a randomness in interest, style, approach to painting in both watercolor and pastel. But lately, I have been searching for common ground... something to grasp as a cohesive style...and then I realized...maybe style, approach and subject aren't the common factors. My main concerns, regardless of subject, are always composition, value, and contrast. Contrast creates emphasis and interest. In particular, contrasting and exaggerating value develops drama through depth and gets the viewer's attention. The search continues...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exhibiting Art at Kybecca

Recently, I was invited to exhibit artwork at one of my favorite "wine and tapas" bar in Fredericksburg...for July and August. The artist initially scheduled for this time was not going to be able to show, so the owner was looking for someone to fill in. Did I mention I had 4 days notice? Following my initial reaction..."No way...can I come up with a collection of artwork to fill the space (20 or so paintings) on such short notice"...I came to my senses, did a reconnaissance (a word from my previous life) of the space and an inventory of paintings and their locations...and accepted.

My realization...doing a "short notice" show is the best way to have fuss, no pre-show stress to produce work, no nervous anticipation building up to the opening reception. I simply hang and show my work, as is.

And so, I will have 23 paintings on exhibit at Kybecca, including 5 new works on aquabord, until September.

Exhibit July 12th through August 2010

400 William St
Fredericksburg, Va

If you are in the downtown Fredericksburg area over the next couple of months, I invite you to stop by Kybecca for great wine and tapas, and to view art.