Monday, June 8, 2009

Painting on Yupo, Workshop Day 2

In today's "Watercolor on Yupo" workshop, I painted the background (and some foreground) for what will be a water lily flower. The paint for the background was applied using a "soupy" mix of paint, pulling from puddles of Perylene Green, Winsor Green, Indigo, and Dioxazine Purple. I allowed the colors to loosely mingle by dropping in water and pushed around the darks with a paintbrush to create forms until the paint dried. For painting these rich darks, I have recently began using the PBk31 pigment, Perylene Green. After researching this pigment (, my most used reference for researching pigment), I have discovered that Perylene Green falls into the family of "Black" pigments. And now that I have been using it, I don't know how I ever got along without it. Perylene green is very lightfast (rated 1 for excellence), semitransparent, staining, very dark valued pigment.


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful reflection you have achieved in this piece!!! Perhaps I will ahve to give Yupo a try- if you offer the workshop again!! Stunning!!

ariel freeman said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I probably won't repeat the workshop for another year or so. Gotta keep things fresh :-)