Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WaterLily Pond, Almost finished

While working on this painting today, I came to a realization (as I often do after spending so much time with a painting). And since entering the world of blogging, I have become much more introspective regarding the reasons why I paint what I paint and the timing of things. Usually there is some personal purpose, need to express a feeling or say something (other than a deadline or commission). So my realization today... this painting is a metaphor for my life; each lily pad a task, responsibility, relationship, or some detail in life. Some overlapping, some distant, seemingly obscure, all complex and inter-related in some way. Despite my best efforts, I am, at times, overwhelmed with the complexity of details in daily life (as I was with this painting). But then, I am able to step back and see my work (and life) as a whole; some edges up front, more prominent, others distant, more vague. The amount of energy, attention, and importance relative to that piece at a particular time. And then, out of the complexity of forms, something beautiful... blossoms- cherished relationships, nurtured children, professional successes, creative expressions. All connected and vital in the pond.

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