Friday, April 24, 2009

More Sunflowers on Clayboard, In Progress

It was difficult to be inside the studio painting today. Today was one of the first warm and sunny days of spring. But I guess if I had to be inside painting, it was good to paint the sun into the flowers. I am so happy with how this one is going so far. The yellows (Hansa, New Gamboge, Quin Gold) and Quin Sienna are really working well together. I think after so many sunflowers, I have found the right combination of warm and cool yellows. So, how long is this taking me to complete? It is taking me about 6 hours per flower (just for my first step, Argh). Why so long? I am working each pedal or pedal section at a time. The clay in each pedal area is wet before the paint is applied. I lift the board and rotate it to allow the paint to mix (I just don't get the same subtle effects if I use a brush to mix paint). Once a pedal is painted, I have to wait for the water and paint to settle before I can paint and mingle the pigments for the next section. Also, as I go, I will correct any inconsistencies in the line drawing. Or add what lines and details are needed to make the drawing work. This step in the painting will take the longest, but I think it is worth the work. Love this one so far.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your golds are outstanding!

Chuck Dilmore said...

Wow - all of your work is just stunning!
Thank you for the glimpse!


Peter Lee said...

It's beautiful even as it is now.
To be honest with you, I thought it was a finished painting of some kind of abstract art. Then I read your story and realized those are sunflowers in their making. I'll be checking later for their blossoms.

Elizabeth said...

It will be worth every moment that you spend on it!!! Can't wait to see more and then to see it in person!! LUCKY ME!!!!!!

becky joy said...

Your work is beautiful. Wonderful light and colors.

ariel freeman said...

Thank you all for your comments. I am pushing on.

simoart said...

I love your painting, wonderful colors. Great work.