Friday, April 17, 2009

Hydrangea in Progress, Final Steps

So close to finished...I am often asked... How do you know when you are finished with a painting? How do you know when to stop?
Well, I have a list of questions I ask myself toward the end of a painting. When I feel that I have successfully answered those questions, I am done. Are my shapes believable? Are my shapes and values visually linked (are my darks visually linked)? Are my darks and color balanced? Do I need more contrast or "volume" in any areas? Does my painting and direction or movement in the painting "read" like I intended? How does the viewer's eye move around the painting? And finally, are there any small details I could add or remove that will enhance the flow or design in the painting?


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Ohh! The background really pushed the flowers forward. Gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

This piece is simply LUMINOUS!!! The light taht you have captured is amazing. with all of the curving petals, getting your lights and darks right must have been a bit of a challenge!!
You should be very proud of this piece!!!
Just glorious!!

ariel freeman said...

Thank you for your comments

Bonnie said...

Great set of questions! I like seeing them spelled out so specifically. I finish a painting when I am sick of it. (hehe, not really, well, sometimes)

Love the size you get with the aquaboard. Makes it even more impressive. Can't wait to see it.