Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hydrangea in Progress, The Underpainting

This is the small section of the 22X30 watercolor painting on clayboard.
I have began the underpainting for what will be blue hydrangeas. I chose a cool Hansa yellow (Daniel Smith) to add highlight to the white areas and under glow in the blue areas. I also began hinting at the cool violet undertones in the pedals. For the violet, I am using a pigment new to my palette, cobalt violet. When the cobalt violet dries on the clayboard surface, a nice granulating texture forms. The underpainting was applied wet-into-wet for each pedal. Once dry, I will continue this process with the next layers of blues.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I am so excited to be allowed to watch the progression on this wonderful piece!! Lucky me I get to see the finished piece in person!!!
If I had a million $$ we would have to add an Ariel Freeman Wing onto the house to display your works- after I bought them all of course!!!
Love it!!
Huge Congrats on the Sale of your apples piece at opening night of Feast for THe Eyes!!!!!