Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunflower Workshop Demo, In Progress

This is the beginning phase of the painting I am demonstrating in the Sunflower Workshop. In step one, I paint the underpainting using wet-into-wet technique to diffuse and mingle glazing colors. The next step (day 2 of workshop) I begin to develop the flower face and texture and the midtone values on the pedals. Using wet-into-wet technique for the flower face and pedals painted individually. When working around the flower, I am considering the light source, developing pedal form and face form using graded value washes. I will post more photos of the painting as it progresses.

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Elizabeth said...

What wonderful posts, Ariel!! thank you for doing this- it wuill help!!!!
I have jsut returned from my fabulous trip to NH- unbelievable!Now I have some work to do for our class!
i love the gazelle pastel!!
i am sending links to your bloog to several friends!