Friday, October 10, 2008

Dama Gazelle

This week, I am working on a pastel painting of a grazing gazelle. The painting is the third in a series inspired by animals from The National Zoo in Washington DC. I took the reference photograph used for this painting during a trip to the zoo with my family this summer. I am working on a half sheet 300lb watercolor paper. I first apply an acrylic ground for pastel mixed with acrylic paint (green in this case). The ground is applied with a palette knife, left to dry, and then sanded to create the desired texture. This technique I have developed from trial and error and seems to fit the subject well. The texture creates a depth and dimension to the surface and holds pastel well allowing for many glazes of color. To see the other paintings in this series visit my website, Pastel Gallery. "The Matriarch" and "Lazy River" were both completed on textured watercolor paper. The paintings are matted and framed using archival materials.

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