Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All together

Four Buds on the 'Sil
Rarely (if ever) can I say I have finished a painting in one day. After spending three weeks failing at an underpainting for a previous work, I finally gave it up and decided to start fresh. I'm not sure if it was the freedom of letting go of something that just wasn't working, moving in a new direction, or that I had done this painting in my head over the past 6 months, but it just all came together today. The hand and the eye working harmoniously. My intention for this painting...loose approach and contrasting elements of design; contrast of color temperatures with dominance of warms, contrast of organic and geometric shapes, and contrast of textures.


Bonnie said...

Switching gears is a good thing. I'm studio sitting and bringing enough to keep me busy. To ensure I'm not bogged down in any one of them, I'm working on three paintings at once.

Love the warms, but the dash of cools at the top wins me over. Love getting in that taste of aqua whenever possible.

Elizabeth said...

I love it!!! It is fabulous how you have set this one up with the proportions so beautifully and very differntly in my experience. Everything about it is wonderful!! We all have thos UFO's that we have to stop working on and switch to something new!!

Sandy Byers said...

I really enjoy the way you have used your palette in this piece. That combined with the simple, yet elegant, composition makes this a delightful piece.

Kudos to you!