Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Two Alike

Even if I tried...really, really hard, I could not do the same painting twice. Something is always different the second time. This I love when creating...a painting is after all, original to that moment; how the paints mix and dry, how the water is moving that day, how the brush is manipulated, the mood of the creator, etc. All the factors that work to pull it together, will never be exactly the same. Sometimes I like the first version better than the second, but liking the end product is much less important than enjoying the process of doing, developing an idea, and following the direction the painting takes along the way.
The Space Between
Watercolor on Aquabord

my chair study
Watercolor on Aquabord

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David said...


EXACTLY, They say that Elvis Presley used to record a song twenty or thirty times. In the end, he would choose an early take. It is what the "great ones" do. They really enjoy the creative process with little thought to the "end product"