Thursday, December 31, 2009


Summing up 2009 in one word...abundance... in heart-felt gratitude for my dear family and friends and the relationships that enrich my life each day... in opportunities both in art activities and as one of the founding caregivers opening a new hospital... abundance in life, the many challenges, lessons learned and occasions for personal and professional growth...and finally, abundance in joy anticipating all that is to come in 2010.
Pastel on Pastelbord


Elizabeth said...

another beautiful piece!!! you do amazing things with pastels Ariel!!! I can practically feel the juice running down my chin as I take a bite!!!
Happy New Year to you as well. 2010 will be a wonderful year for all of us!!

Bonnie said...

Happy New Year, Ariel! Practically a whole year before we have to think of Small Works again. (Shhh, I plan to recycle, if any remain!)

David F said...


But, the abundance is in the toil. The harvest means nothing without the toil. It is only the sacrifice of self to the spiritual will that is important. Without that, the result or consequence means little.


Lynne said...

I saw this vibrant painting this morning. Simply luscious, Ariel! Congrats on it being chosen for the conference, too!