Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Creativity Takes Courage" -Henry Matisse

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to re-examine artistic goals, personal priorities, and renew intentions. These aspirations provide a pathway to guide decision-making and help to clarify the directions we should take on our creative journey [and in life]. One of my most valued [and rewarding] intentions for 2010 is to continue to share the processes I have learned in art through teaching workshops. Over the past few years, I have had the amazing opportunity to teach and encourage the artistic growth of many developing painters of all levels. This month LibertyTown Arts is exhibiting artwork from Liberty Town "students" (aren't we all students of art) created in 2009. The Opening Reception will be Friday, Jan 8th from 5-9PM. Below are 6 of the paintings on exhibit by artists from my workshops this past year. Thank you all for participating in the exhibit and having courage to explore your creative drives. I am renewed by your energy and enthusiasm. For information and to view my 2010 Workshop Schedule.
Melange aux Fleurs by Sandy Staley

Hawk by Shirley Buckler

Tortuga by Sue Henderson

Sun's Flower by MaryBeth Algert

Hydrangea Close-up by MJ Bradley

Canna by Charlotte Plaxico


David F said...


The comment from Matisse is interesting. Yes, it does take courage but it is not the courage of choice. It is a will and power much greater than human courage that drive the forces of creativity. It becomes a matter of necessity to submit to the muse that takes control.


Elizabeth said...

Your students have you to thank for your teaching and communicating skills. THey contirubted wonderfully to a very impressive show!!!!
I am still considering taking the watercolor on Aquaboard class, are there still openings?????

ariel freeman said...

Thank you for your comments. Elizabeth, I do have a few spots left in the aquabord class. Hope you can join us!

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