Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paint On!

In the midst of the season's bustle...pressure for "small works," never-ending holiday demands, countless distractions and set-backs... I am driven to embrace a recently discovered statement (and very fundamental declaration). "If I never sell another painting, win another award, or get accepted into another exhibit, I will paint". I am reminded that something much deeper motivates me and there is a purpose to the work that fills my life (and fellow artists). Whether art serves as a language to communicate with the observer, or as a form of escape from everyday demands, or simply the realization that art is an important aspect in our common humanity, we... I ...feel better having art in our lives.


David F said...


You have an insight that many fail to achieve. It is that spirit, that inner energy that must guide what we do.



ariel freeman said...

Thank you David.

Elizabeth said...

At this time of year with all of the external and INTERNAL pressures to create and produce , it is easy to loose sight of creating art for art's sake and to feed our souls. THere need not be any other reason. I must right this down and put up sticky notes all around the house!!!
bIG hugs!!

Linda Larsson said...