Saturday, October 10, 2009

"just stop the art"

Seriously, how does one go about "stopping the art"? Painting has been my addiction for the past 6 years or so. Though despite my addiction, I have been able to maintain a job, some healthy relationships and find joy in many other things. However, when I am not creating art, I am often thinking about art. The thinking about art has always been there ever since I can remember, only the "doing" began about 6 years ago. So, how now, after a daily commitment to creating, can I just stop...? The concept saddens me. Finding "balance" in life is such an illusive quest.
the poppy
(and dark places)
Watercolor on Aquabord


Mirinda said...

Creativity takes many forms- stopping the physical art will lead to other arts- gourmet desserts, incredible flower gardens, handmade tiles in the bathroom.... I did that for 9 years before I traded it all in for canvas and oils. I don't regret the switch a bit, but I do wish those 9 years had been spent differently now. Joy and commitment to our mission here on Earth....whatever that may be.

ariel freeman said...

Thank you Mirinda

Anonymous said...

You must not worry about the risk. You must allow for the joy of being unbalanced. By this committment, you will make love out of nothing. It is then that life has its own pleasure in every respect.

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

I am equally obsessed, so I fully understand. I, too, have had to disengage artistically to make the rest of my life work. It's a Catch 22, in that the rest of my life feeds my art and I am unable to do it like I want.

Daily is a very strong commitment. Instead of the pendulum winding down, you can find a way to tweak it a bit and do art every other day or off-from-work days. You could also redefine what you mean by the daily art. A note taken about an idea, a simple drawing, an order placed, or taking a picture could qualify.

I wish you all the best in this transition.