Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Art and Life

I am considering a number of titles that seem fitting for this painting: wild perseverance, solidarity, resolve, fortitude... Just as a subject for a painting is chosen from moments in my immediate world, so is the interpretation- of challenges, triumphs, struggles, and lessons- some stated, some silent. Art does not happen independent from life.
Did you know- a little sunflower trivia? Wild sunflower seeds are adapted for living and can remain viable for as long as 10 years. Sunflowers are also eager to cross species and form hybrids. A bee transferring pollen from one species of sunflower to another could be unwittingly creating a new hybrid by swapping genes. Forming these unions is how sunflowers can spread and thrive in extreme environments, like salt marshes and sand dunes. Ornamental and industrial breeders take advantage of this pliant attitude to create new colors, sizes, oil content and seed size. A domestic sunflower is also known to sometimes bend to make contact with its own pollen, where it self-pollinates.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A flower can be lonely even in its own beauty. Perhaps, it only feels a worthy contribution to nature because it has overcome struggles within and is on the verge of finding itself. Then, while others may admire and adore it, the flower has already found its own beauty and light. It is now saying to the world "Here I am".

Perhaps, the struggle to fulfillment best typifies this flower so several titles would suit it. Perhaps a title like COMING OUT would be suitable.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your image is extremely vital and bursts out of the picture plane. The painting illustrates well the suggested titles and emotions you are feeling.

You are right, it is impossible to NOT paint what is going on in your life. Otherwise, it wouldn't be art. It would be a pretty picture with no soul in it.

ariel freeman said...

Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

There are those who might miss the message by saying it is only a flower. But, to you, it is much more. It is the truth of your world "blossoming". So, in that way, you are interpreting your world as it evolves.

Coming forward your message may not be so subtle. You perhaps then can be defined in a new way that enlightens the world for others and makes them more clearly see themselves.