Friday, May 15, 2009

WaterLily Pond, Pastel in Progress

Initially, I had planned on only painting watercolors on aquabord for the show I have coming up at The Bistro Bethem (Opening Reception August 10th). My goal was to create a unique cohesive group of work for the exhibit. However, I find that after doing a few watercolor paintings (especially if large scale and labor-intensive), I really need a break from that process. So I have begun a pastel (16X20 on Pastelboard) that I will include in the show as well. (And probably a few more).
At this stage, the painting mostly looks like random squiggles. My process in pastel...I will work one area at time to completion (I just can't help myself), keeping my plan for direction and "flow" in mind. As I work, I will go back and make corrections or add darks or lights to previously painted areas. I am consistently "pushing and pulling" shapes, always considering how each shape will "read" against the others in the final painting. When I see a pattern develop, I will try to include it in the over-all design plan. Very Slow-going...


Elizabeth said...

Seeing the process in pastel is so exciting!! It may be slow going but it is already amazing !!!! Your water areas simply glow!! I can't wait till your opening- already on my calendar! To see a room full of your fabulous work will be breathtaking!! Any thoughts on teaching a few begining pastel classes?????????

ariel freeman said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement Elizabeth. I am considering teaching a "getting started in pastel" class in the fall. I have so many inquiries. Thank you again!