Thursday, May 28, 2009

WaterLily Pond, Pastel in Progress 3

I am working this painting on pastelbord by Ampersand. And along with Ampersand's other claybord products (I am using Aquabord for watercolor), I love these hardboard panels. Pastelbord is a clay and gesso panel with a sanded dust-like surface. The surface is similar to sanded pastel paper, but much more durable and versatile. Here, I am using soft pastels on the prepared green board (16x20), but the surface will also take wet pastel techniques and acrylic (maybe I will try this on their white panel next). So many options, so little time.


Lynne Grossman said...

"So many options, so little time."
I identify with your statement.
I, too, enjoy Ampersand's boards for their versatility. I also use several other supports for pastel or oil pastel. I like the variety.
Nice painting, so far!!

ariel freeman said...

Thanks Lynne!