Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunflowers on Clayboard, In Progress 6

I have most of the background done. As I go, I will work around the painting and sharpen or soften the edges of each pedal, leaf, or stem. This step seems trivial, but really adds to the over-all overlapping effect. When I have worked through the entire painting, I will look again at the flower faces and pedals (my areas of interest) and add any details, shadows, or another glaze of pigment to further define the form and give the illusion of volume.


Peter Lee said...

Hi Ariel,
I haven't checked your blog about a week, and you made a huge progress!
Looks like you are almost done. It's just gorgeous - beautiful colors and great details.
Can't wait till it's finished!

ariel freeman said...

I am finished!!!! It took me almost 3 weeks it seems. Thank you for your comments Peter.