Friday, February 20, 2009

Starting the new buffalo

I have decided to go with a textured surface for the buffalo painting in pastel. I think the rough texture will mimic and enhance the woolly, rugged quality of the animal's hair. I am applying the acrylic ground texture to 300lb Arches watercolor paper after coloring it with acrylic paint. I mixed a neutral blue color that will serve as the underpainting. I plan where to concentrate the texture, working the ground around with a palette knife, plastic wrap, or whatever will give me the texture I am looking for. Then I let it dry and sand the surface a little if needed.
I chose a format that will make the image approx. 18X22 (framed 26X30), though really the subject calls to be much, much larger. I then block in the large shapes with a hard NuPastel stick and add a few drawing details to the focal areas (here the eyes and horns). Most of the drawing I will do as I go and the forms begin to take shape. Doesn't look like much now...

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