Monday, February 9, 2009

Painting "White" in Watercolor

In watercolor, we use color to interpret the "white" in a subject. The colors we choose, the temperature of the color, whether we use a compliment, or a "gray" neutral, all affect the mood of the painting and how our eyes see the "white". Below are three watercolor sketches I demonstrated for a beginning techniques workshop.
In this little painting, the "white" is cool pink. I used a warm neutral green to compliment the cool pink.
For this painting, I used a cool green as the half-tone (next to lightest color) to compliment the pink.
Here, the yellowish white and cool violet describe the white form.
All the paintings above were done with the same pigments; Aureolin Yellow, Rose Madder Genuine, New Gamboge/ Quin Gold, Viridian, and Winsor Violet


Anonymous said...
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Elizabeth Seaver said...

The paintings are lovely and soft, very loose. It made me wonder how much of a sketch you began with.

ariel freeman said...

I penciled in a very light, loose flower drawing before painting.