Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Pink and Red DO match"

I am dedicating this entry to my Kindergarten Art Teacher who crushed my creative spirit when she declared that my construction paper flower with alternating pink and red pedals "did not match". I have never forgotten the disappointment I felt as a 5 year-old who was so proud of the work she had created. Now, pink and red is one of my favorite color combinations. I only wish I could go back and tell her... "Oh yes, pink and red DO match!"


Bonnie said...

Tee hee. Amazing what sticks with us. I wish she could see the beautiful things you have continued to create.

Any really! Was she never a little girl? Red and pink are perfectly pretty together.

Rachel Russo said...

Hey there! I am thinking about new colors for my business. I am Dating/Relationship/Image Coach starting an LLC and I just couldn't decide between hot pink and red. (I'm also a Libra.) After reading your blog post and a few others, I decided I am going to just do both! Thanks for the inspiration! -Rachel Russo