Monday, July 20, 2009

One for the shelf

One purpose for my life in blog-dom is to help keep me honest. Therefore, I must admit I have been delaying this post for almost 5 days. Despite my good intentions, preparation with small study sketching and color planning, I have not quite been able to make this painting work. There are parts that I really enjoy (some reds luscious and well placed, others flat lacking harmony with the other colors in the painting), and I am finding myself working and reworking the pedals on the forward flower. I almost never do this. Usually, if a painting isn't working, I just quit, shelf it and move on. A painting will pull together easily, or it won't. That's it, no fussing. A watercolor "fussed" over will almost always look overworked. Though I am facing a deadline, struggling to complete enough paintings to exhibit, and have committed so much time and energy into this large painting, I am taking a break from it (at least for now hoping to return with a little courage and clarity). This declaration feels liberating and now I am free to move on to a little more control and predictability....pastel (and hopefully one more painting for the show at Bistro Bethem in August).


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Honestly, Ariel, I don't see what you mean. I think setting it aside is a good idea. I hope you'll like it better when you come back to it. I like it!

I can't wait to see your show!

ariel freeman said...

Thank you Elizabeth. I am sure seeing with fresh eyes will make a difference. Sometimes I just need a break from a painting.

Bonnie said...

I am enjoying it, Ariel. It is a different style for you with more of a Deco or 50s feel, even. I think it's odd to you, because you usually don't work with such large expanses of (virtually) single colors.

For myself, I find that I don't have to love each of my paintings. There's always someone out there who will and I then respond, "You do?" when they say they like it!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with elizabeth!! Perhaps the white is too white in the forward flower- other than that I think that you just need a break from it.
I am very intrigued by the paining in the next post, so I am off to comment there!!
See you soon!

Ann said...

She's like a grand old dame, singing the morning in after a long night. I love her and her children.