Monday, March 23, 2009

Painting Foliage, Demonstration 1

Above are demonstrations from today's workshops, painting foliage. First we began by practicing a few thumbnail value and composition sketches. These will be used later in the session as we work through the paintings. After the images are sketched on watercolor paper we began creating the underpainting. The paper is dampened with a spray bottle. Then using a sea sponge, I applied paint starting with cool yellows, moving to warm yellows, Quin. red, and cobalt blue. I tilted the paper, pushed paint with the pump spray, splattered, and moved paint with a Viva to allow the paint to mix and mingle on paper. Areas that will be "forward" foliage are left lighter with more yellows, "behind" areas with more blues. I began painting in the light yellow to red tones in the tree trunks and glazed in some foreground.

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