Friday, January 16, 2009

Apples, Oranges, or Tomatoes?

I am beginning a pastel for the Maryland Pastel Society's monthly drawing challenge. The challenge... to choose 3 fruits or vegetables from the food market and use them to construct a still life painting "creating the illusion of 'rounded' objects in perspective focusing on the background, the surface the subject is resting on, and the shadow areas."

Let me just say, the thought of buying fruit, staging a still life on some fabric or other surface, and fixing some light to create interesting shadows crushes my enthusiasm for painting almost to the point of irritation. Not that I don't appreciate a good still life painting, I just don't have the vision to muster the excitement to create one. However, I greatly enjoy catching the sun at just the right time of day at the corner farmers market, as shadows cast across the fruit, and unscrambling an interesting composition from the randomness of the patterns and mingle of color; just as you would see them (or overlook them) in everyday life. So, I am accepting the challenge (though modified a bit) and engaged.

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