Friday, January 9, 2009

Agave, In Progress 2

Next I begin painting in the lighter mid-tone values of the leaves. This layer will be the "underpainting" for each leaf. One of my favorite pigments for shadows is Pthalo Blue (Pigment PB 15). Usually I use Pthalo Blue as a final glaze. Pthalo blue is a staining pigment, very intense, and transparent. So according to the "laws" of color perspective for watercolor, this pigment works best in foreground areas (i.e. intensity comes forward) when used against less intense blues (here Cobalt, Manganese, and later Ultramarine blue). However, when used as a shadow or in this underpainting as I did above, the color will create a reflective glow in the final painting. The intensity of the pigment will bring the eye toward the center of interest but will actually look recessed in the plant; at least that is my plan. More to follow...

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