Sunday, November 28, 2010

Less Blogging, More Painting

Closing out the Thanksgiving week, I am reminded that 'Thanksgiving' is not just a holiday...but thanks giving is a state of mind that should be carried with us every day. I am thankful for many things this week...most notably, my friends and family who uplift and enrich my life.

Pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord

'Tis the season for small works... perfect for me, stripped down to the essentials of time, no time for large works, delay, analysis, procrastination...self doubt...only time for the fervor of work, and creative energy. In this fervor, I am finding a flow and rhythm in landscapes (that until now, I have unintentionally avoided), responding to the watercolor underpainting with a deeper sense of expression and intimacy... and with an efficiency that comes from the pressure imposed by time.

A few of these landscapes will be on display for the "Small Works" exhibit opening

Friday Dec 6th at Liberty Town Arts in Fredericksburg.

Paintings will also be on exhibit in December...

Merger of Art and Design: MAD Artist! Designer's Choice Exhibit
Nov 22nd-Jan 4th

as well as

Small Wonders National Juried Exhibition
Dec 6th- Jan 28th

Happy Thanks Giving today and every day!


Bonnie said...

Yippee! Watercolor underpainting on Pastelbord of a landscape! Loving it!

Went by the WH today to ck out the People's Choice hanging. I think it looks great and yours is so blooming showy. Was so happy to see three pastelists in the Associates' area for voting, plus another in the Studio artists. We are representing pastels well.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

This is beautiful! Very nice work. I love the freedom in the pastel strokes. I'm just starting to stretch into my painting/drawing from my photography. Very nice and unfortunately it's true too much blogging does take a lot of time.

ariel freeman said...

Bonnie, I thought you might appreciate the landscapes :-) I hope to see the show up at Lorton soon. I was surprised to be selected this last month as 'Designer's Choice'. Very unexpected.

Karen, I am finding this process in working pastel over a watercolor underpainting helpful in 'loosening up', and simply responding to those happy mistakes that occur with watercolor. Thank you for your comment. Between blogging and's a tough balance...I so enjoy the blogging community :-)