Friday, September 24, 2010

The curious world of Iris

There have been many "starts and stops" to this painting over the past few months. Each time returning to work, I find myself re-evaluating my intention..what is it I see here?...what is it about this painting that keeps me returning? After all, a new day, brings new perspective (both in life and in art) interpretations, new insights.

So I have to ask myself...can my intention be the same each time I return..what I see in the image be the same...when I have changed from day to day? I don't believe it can..exactly; the mood, aesthetic, and way of seeing have changed. I notice these subtle difference in the way I have approached different areas each time following a pause in work. The challenge is in finding harmony among the various "intentions" within the painting and exploring the curiosity that attracted me in the beginning.

So, what is the intention here? Of course, most will see "flowers"; the iris a symbol for hope, faith and wisdom. But today I see energy, curious wonder in the flow of line, lost and found shapes, and the statement of color.
The curious world of Iris
Pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord, 16X20

On Exhibit October 4th-November 8th
The Workhouse Arts Center, Gallery 16
Lorton Arts Foundation


Elizabeth Seaver said...

It has really come to life with your finishing strokes. I like it even more than I thought I would. It literally jumps from the page. It's a masterpiece.

Elizabeth said...

I can feel the velvet of the falls of this flower!! you have done it such a wonderful and honor!!!! As E has aleready said, A Masterpiece!!! On my way up to GMU to see Matthew, I will hajve to stop into the Workhouse to see it in person!!
I am so very glad that youa re still able to find some small moments to paint within your amazingly packed schedule. Hopew that you are able to take care of yourself, you are a wonder!!!!

ariel freeman said...

This one did seem to "come to life" with the motions of the lines. Thank you so much for your comments. It's my new is every painting I have just finished.

Bonnie said...

My favorite flower - great outcome! All my best for your Featured Artist month -

Melanie Statnick said...

wow what beauty. The light in this is amazing. I love the colours, very rich deep tones.

Anna said...

Another amazing piece Ariel! Intention is an amazing thing.

hosnysoliman said...

Ariel, the most favorite media i like paint with is pastel.I have a paint with the collection of colors as yours.But i still don't posted it yet.
Ariel, how great this are work is.WELL DONE

sakshi said...

It is really wonderful!! :)i really love Ur art -work!!