Friday, November 6, 2009

One Garlic [breath] at a Time

As I work, I am continuing to balance the variety of "warm and cool" color along with considering value and color perspective as I define the forms and space: lighter values, intensity of color, and warmth appear forward; darker values and cool colors visually recede. I also enjoy the interplay of lost and found edges that contribute to the illusion of "real" and aid the viewer's eye to travel around the painting.


Bonnie said...

Man, am I glad I won't be seeing you soon!


Another great foray into realism one puzzle piece at a time!

David said...


Unlike Bonnie, it is good to see a person take on reality "one garlic breath at a time". It's like Caroline Myss's title of her latest book, "Defy Gravity'. Reframe life and go beyond the present boundaries.


Mirinda said...

I love ,love ,love the warm and cool colors competing and completing your oh-so-tangible cloves. I can't wait to decorate our space for the holidays and bring some big talent-small art to our world.
Cheers and Primavera for our next adventure,