Monday, September 7, 2009

From There 2 Here

As part of the Torpedo Factory's 35th anniversary celebration, Target Gallery presents From There 2 Here, an exhibition featuring artwork from three regional art centers that were inspired by the Torpedo Factory's groundbreaking concept. The participating art centers (including LibertyTown) are similar in design to the Torpedo Factory in that they have open studios and galleries inside of re-purposed architectural spaces. LibertyTown was an old plumbing supply warehouse in Fredericksburg converted to 30 or more unique studio and gallery spaces by the vision of Dan Finnegan.
My Pelican Party was chosen for the exhibit and will be on display in the Target Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia from September 10th- October 18th. The gallery will hold an artist's reception September 10th from 6-8PM.

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Elizabeth said...

Not only is it on dsiplay but it is also on the Poster!!! That is still one of my favorite Ariel paintings!!! How is your poor nose?? Poor you!!!